One Source of Life Eternal || Symbol

This symbol of universal creation, which signifies expanding
spiritual growth and understanding, will accompany
humanity throughout the new Golden Age.

Its purpose/meaning is to provide a visual icon
that portrays unity and ascension.

The symbol is an outward and tangible reminder
to prompt awareness toward an inner
connection with OSOLE.

It is not associated with a particular word,
person, place, or religion that could limit acceptability.

In addition, the symbol depicts a basic energy field
of being, much like our skeletal structure
relates to the physical body.

Outer Circle: The Divine Circle of Life

Inner Circle: The Human Circle of Life

Downward Triangle: Sits within the Physical Circle

Ascending Triangle: Capable of reaching the Divine Circle

The Burst of Light in the center:
Corresponds to the heart chakra, our spiritual center of being,
whereby we all have access to


~ The heart is passageway to OSOLE ~

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